9 Agustus 2014

Lovely Old City in Latvia


Why i want to go to latvia? i ' ve never heard before about latvia but  I tried to read many articles about it. I have three reasons. First latvia has the old city historic that have been recognized by UNESCO with ecotourism and green tourism concept, second latvia having an atmosphere of typical of European life and of course the Baltic sea and third reason Latvia having many festival and exhibition in a year. 

First, I Think, A historic town will surely interesting moreover, if the form and structure of a building still retained, i also read that latvia was a tableside for European people for holiday. Especially sigulda - popular town with many interesting places castles and historic. Most popular attraction outside riga for foreign tourists.

The next reason, There are many interesting and old castles around Latvia and beautiful beach.for the axample, Cesis is one of the country's oldest towns and has a charming centre with cobblestoned lanes, historic wooden building and a few impressive castles and off course Jurmala. The beach covered by white quartz sand, and “The Blue Flag”, which is a sign of a high quality, safe and well-equipped beach, has been hoisted at Majori and Jaunķemeri beaches.
The last reason because the Festival and exhibition throughout the year. Especially Festival of riga, Various events are held on the city's streets and squares, on the water and in the air, in museums, concert halls and cultural centres. Asian People will enjoy this moment

In my brief, Latvia have some historic place, have many sand and beautiful beach. it has a lot of warm typical of europe and friendly to be visited by tourists. Don’t forget about the festival and exhibition. I think Latvia not only for European but Asian too.

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